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Brian Schulz

I’m passionate about small spaces, energy efficiency, and off grid living. My last big project was a no-generator, no-propane off-grid organic farm, complete with a full size house, several small cabins, a hybrid wood-fired solar bath house, and many outdoor structures and greenhouses. Far from the lukewarm showers and flickering lightbulbs that our friends imagined, we actually had to encourage guests to waste energy to keep our systems balanced! In addition to my farm project I’ve been living tiny in numerous trucks, vans, sheds and trailers for the past 20 years. Click on the past projects link below to see more of my work. I also own a small business teaching people to build skin-on-frame boats. Simply put, I love teaching people, building things, and tinkering with anything powered by wind, water, or the sun.

Find Brian:
cape falcon kayak   |     past building projects     |     on instagram

Liz Grotyohann

With a background in design and fine art, I’ve spent the last fifteen years focused on making spaces — both physical and digital — functional, intuitive, and beautiful. I spend a lot of my time behind the computer screen designing, drafting, or managing our myriad media feeds, but my heart really sings when I have a hammer or shovel in hand, and I’m always eager to pick up a new tool or skill. A lifelong thrifter and salvager, I take joy in reuse and surrounding myself with objects that have had long and storied lives. My arts practice centers around reclaimed material, recently in the form of a residency where I was granted access to Portland’s city dump for six months to salvage and create. After tearing my house down to the studs and building it back up I’m looking forward to a new opportunity to hone those skills on a different scale, and to strengthen my teaching skills as we share what we learn along the way.

Find Liz:
highwater design    |     fine art     |     on instagram

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