Links we’ve found helpful during our build.



How to calculate load bearing beams:

Rafter span calculator:

National Design specifications for wood construction:

 The Shelf Sagulator:
(An extremely cool tool for determining how thin your shelving can be without sagging)


material weights

Good table of plywood weights:

Good table of framing lumber weights:

Table various building materials weights:


embodied energy

Good article on embodied energy:


  • Only 5-10% of a homes total lifetime energy consumption is embodied energy
  • Longevity of a structure is the biggest factor in reducing embodied energy
  • Increased thermal performance can rapidly offset high embodied energy

Another article on embodied energy:


r-values and insulation

Excellent resource on avoiding global warming impact of insulation:

Excellent article on whole wall R-values:

R-values of common building materials:

How compressing insulation changes R-value:


 rain screen + siding

Rain Screen installation:


doors + windows

Choosing window flashing:

Good French door install video:

Marvin coating comparison tool:



Environmental and economic life cycle assessment of PEX and copper plumbing systems:

PEX or Copper: Which is more sustainable?

Comparison of PEX and Copper for Potable Water Piping:

Good view of a pumped tank system:

Video with excellent links for on/off grid tiny house plumbing:



The basic idea for the thermosyphon solar hot water system is here, sizing recommendations seem accurate:

Solar hot water resource:

20 sq ft flat plate collector suppliers:

Build it solar, a giant mess of great information:


wood fired hot water

The most reputable wood fired water jacket system is the Axeman’s Fire Flue

There appears to be an Amish knockoff of the axeman’s fireflue:


wood stove

Tiny wood stove:

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