Insulating the roof, part 2

Today we finished the foam layer of roof insulation and struggled a bit with the stove pipe placement.

Putting the foam up was fairly straightforward. We cut the foam a quarter inch narrower than the joist bays and were glad of it. The little plywood squares we glued onto the top of the form worked perfectly to space the insulation a half inch off the underside of the roof sheathing, and we used push pins to hold the sheets up.

Liz did her most bad-ass Foam Gun Lara Croft impression, sealing all the seams while I turned my attention to “The Stove Pipe Dilemma”.

The problem is this: I’m a man who lives by a code, and that code is: “Thou shalt not build framing or cut holes for any item not physically present.” This hard won morsel of wisdom, forged in the fires of expense and aggravation, has served me well and I am loathe to break it, especially for a stove install of all things.

Unfortunately, The Tiny Wood Stove Company, makers of the truly amazing Dwarf woodstove, is backordered two months on a highly specific stove pipe T for which there is literally no other supplier in the United States. Apropos the aforementioned code I have been stubbornly resisting boxing in for the pipe and bracket, something that would’ve been dead easy a few weeks ago but instead was super hard and frustrating today.

– Brian

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