Building a tongue box

We spent the majority of yesterday building a beautiful little box that we are now going to remove.

This is one of those painful moments where a design element is 75% OK, and 25% ‘ouch, that doesn’t look right’, which is about 15% more than Liz or I are willing to tolerate.

Functionally the idea behind the tongue box was just to create a dried-in space where I could experiment with a variety of ventilation and electrical hook ups without having to make permanent decisions, and as a bonus it can also make a neat firewood box. In theory those are all good things, and it actually looks really nice close up, but when you step 30 feet away from the trailer it brutally interrupts the silhouette and the proportionality of a wall that is quite honestly already struggling to find cohesion. In retrospect that front window should have been off-center and taller but that ship has sailed.

The temptation here is just to say good enough and keep moving forward, but once you start compromising like that you’ve taken your first steps towards mediocrity. I often wish I could be more chill about things like this but it’s just not how I’m wired. So now we remove it and begin again, c’est la vie…

– Brian

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