Re-framing the east wall

Today we began the somewhat insane task of re-framing an entire wall of our mostly finished tiny house.

From the beginning the east wall just never felt right to us. We kept thinking that it would get better as we added more elements and in the end it wasn’t exactly terrible but with the rest of the house looking so good this tiny disappointment twisted in my brain until I freaked out three weeks ago and decided that we had to redo it. We have neither the time nor the money for these kinds of indulgences but I have done this enough in the past to know that if it bothers me now it’s never going to stop bothering me. I’m sure people will think I’m nuts but for me it’s worth the four days and $500 it will cost me to do it right.

We were both pretty amazed by how easy it was to disassemble the wall without damaging it or the window. I always assumed that with all of the modern sticky products demolition of a rain screen wall detail would be awful, but it just wasn’t that bad. Screwing on the siding was a big part of that, and it’s something I plan to do on any building this size from now on.

Liz, being the resident demolition expert, tore into the task with ferocity and precision clocking in at 3 hours from start to finish. As a bonus the firewood box we took off the front looks great, just not on the tiny house!

– Brian

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