Three months in

Today is the three month mark for our build. We’re further along than planned in some respects and behind in others, and have slowed down a lot in the last weeks for a number of reasons. We’ve had to take time to deal with life and health stuff – turns out all that still catches up with you no matter how fast you work – and we’ve spent the last few days catching up on media production, shooting and editing a ton of video about the build.

I’m looking forward to getting back into more of a flow, but this little intermission has been good. We began this project with a very optimistic timetable, especially considering we’re often designing as we go, not working from plans. Originally we’d hoped to be done by now, and had sacrificed some of summer to try to reach that goal. Coming to terms with things taking longer means more space to enjoy the summer, and the last few weeks have meant more time to appreciate the garden that’s grown up around us as we work.

We’re building in the backyard of a typical city lot in Portland – we share 1/10 of an acre with the main house (and all the boats that move through from Brian’s boatbuilding business) – but over the last few years we’ve squeezed food and flowers into every available space. Building in the yard has put us in constant contact with our crops. It’s been a pleasure to grab a handful of snap peas or strawberries while working, and now that we have the porch on the tiny house we both are out in the yard most hours of the day. It’s changing our relationship even with this tiny plot of land and already changing our thinking on how this tiny house will integrate into our lives.

x Liz

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  1. Dion Bonnell
    July 16, 2019

    I stopped by to see the build, and I must say that the two of you are true artists when it comes to building. Awesome! The garden rocks as well.


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