Making up outlets

With the walls done, I’ve been using pockets of downtime to burn through some smaller tasks like making up the outlets for the house.

Before closing up the walls I made sure every wire was labeled on the sheath so I could make up the boxes, and so I’ll have any easy reference for future work.

I’m a big fan of push connectors in place of traditional wire nuts. They’re super easy to use – each wire just pops into its own channel – and the clear tips allow you to check that everything is making a good connection. There’s an argument that wire nuts do make better wire-to-wire contact, but in a movable tiny house that’s going to be subject to a lot of vibration, I think these guys give a really solid, positive connection.

I’m also really digging the extra deep single-gang boxes I put in. I have a few boxes that house a lot of connections, and finding something rated to hold 3 12-2 wires that is actually still easy to get said wires and a receptacle in has made me very happy. (You know you’re a nerd when you have strong opinions about electrical boxes!)

We cut our sheetrock pretty tight to our boxes and I mudded any gaps, but I’m taking the time to caulk any small gaps that remain, and using foam gaskets (aka “socket sealers”) on all the faceplates for good air sealing.

x Liz

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