Timelapse: laying the hardwood floor

We finished laying the solid maple floor today. It was pouring rain all day so the humidity was a little higher than we would’ve liked to see but otherwise things look really good. Thanks to our friend Don for loaning us the flooring stapler and to Ben Deumling of Zena Forest Products for giving us a good deal on this beautiful, sustainably harvested flooring.

We’re going to pause for a day or so to get a professional consult on the sanding. A little bit of thickness variation in the flooring combined with a little bit of unevenness in the subfloor puts us in that gray area between just hitting it with a big random orbit or getting more serious with a drum sander. I’ve learned many times over in my life that getting a quick professional consult in situations like these can save you from a huge headache later on.

We decided to floor the entire space rather than around the cabinets and built-ins because it’s important to us that this space can transform from being a living space to an office or a studio.

– Brian

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