Plumbing the outdoor shower

Today we plumbed the outdoor shower. Overall it went pretty well with the notable exceptions that the valve location feels about 6 inches too high and the escutcheon plate is positively atrocious.

We both really wanted a vintage fixture for this but ultimately a single handle pressure balanced valve is just a lot more user-friendly and wastes a lot less water.

Liz salvaged this rain-style showerhead from the dump last year (The things people throw away!?) so this seemed like a good opportunity to put it to use. At 2.5 gallons per minute this might end up getting changed out but we figured we’d try it first before buying something else.

In typical Brian fashion, tomorrow morning I’m going to take it all apart and lower it 6 inches and make my own (hopefully better) escutcheon plate. I’ll post more photos and details tomorrow!


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