Building a woven privacy screen

Spent today making a woven wooden privacy screen for outside of our bathroom window. I’ve been making these ridiculously easy to build, beautiful screens for about 10 years now out of scrap wood from various building projects and my boatbuilding business. Once you know what you’re doing it takes about three hours to put something like this together (…. or two days if you’re shooting an instructional video, says the peanut gallery behind me right now).

I like these because they make great use of scrap materials that might not be useful for anything else and even if you’re buying the wood new you can plan your screen for almost 100% material yield. They are also lightweight and portable which I think fits well with the tiny lifestyle. This particular red cedar screen is 3‘ x 5‘ and weighs 15 pounds.

I’ve used these for deck surrounds, partitions, small swinging doors (braced on the diagonal) – pretty much anywhere I need to add some quick texture and beauty.

Check our YouTube channel in about a week for a start to finish video for building these, and watch the website for a tiny plan set for just a few bucks. Starting with these screens we are going to be slowly uploading plans for all of our various projects that you can purchase for a couple bucks. Liz and I have been making instructional media professionally for the last few years with the simple mission of helping to save people time money and frustration as they build stuff. We are excited to turn our skills towards tiny living using the same model that we use for our other businesses: mostly free, a little bit paid. It has worked well for us with Cape Falcon Kayak… It will be exciting to see how it works with actually tiny.


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