Installing the direct air box for the woodstove

The amazing thing about shiplap siding fastened with trim head screws onto rain screen battens, is that a single board can be removed and replaced at any time. This allows me to make wall penetrations without having to cut in a block. I just remove the board and then use sealant to glue a thin (cedar) block to the housewrap, replace the siding board, and voila! I can drill straight through the siding without disrupting the weather barrier.

Today we are installing a 3-inch diameter direct air connection for our Tiny Woodstove Dwarf 4K, which I can finally start posting about now that I have a tidy, safe setup to show.

Whether it’s holes for ventilation fans, passive air vents, or this direct air kit, I always start with a 12-inch long 3/16” diameter drill bit and pilot through the entire wall at an extremely slight upward angle. This allows me to chase the hole from both sides with a holesaw for a super clean channel that lines up perfectly. Rockwool insulation is really nice here because the hole saw cuts right through it, which is way better than fiberglass which tends to catch and wind around the bit. We seal the duct on both sides to maintain the integrity of our air seal. More details next post!


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