Timelapse: Beginning the roof

Back to building after almost a week’s diversions sourcing and staging material and double-checking our thinking on some structural elements.

Hung our central beam today – I’m really happy with how the wood delineates the line between living space and kitchen space. Took some time to plan for hanging chairs on the beam – including a hammock break – and came up with a system that will let us make the structural member do double duty within the space.

Cut the roof rafters and began installing them. We’re still held up waiting on material for our bird block venting which was supposed to come in a week ago, but a little breathing room in the build isn’t a bad thing. It’s good to have the time in the framed in space to double check all my design thinking.

Today was one of those days where I did more standing around than actual work. That can be frustrating to be on this end of, but the truth is that sometimes there’s work that goes faster with just one set of hands – and being the runner on the ground handing things up the ladder is a valuable and time-saving contribution even if it doesn’t always feel like an important one.

– Liz

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