Timelapse: Framing the rake walls

Today was a long day, framing up the north wall of the trailer. On the one hand, this was an easy wall, as we’re applying some passive building concepts to the house and have no openings on the north face. On the other… this is a 20-foot rake wall without a continuous sill plate, a flat surface to build on, or reliable stud measurements to work from.

I have some very basic CAD skills, but not enough to go blindly off the plans I’ve generated, which meant physically laying out the wall with long studs, running a string line, and cutting the tails in place. Unfortunately the camera cut out today due to a power outage (super grateful for battery-powered tools), but you get the idea. See Brian’s post from yesterday for more on how we solved all these problems and set up our workspace.

(And I’m happy to say that when I checked our final measurements against my drawings, we were spot on. I still believe firmly in real world checks, and will put that into practice often, but I’m happy to have gained more confidence in my CAD skills as well.)

x Liz

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