Timelapse: Starting the walls

Framed the front and rear trailer walls today. It felt like slow going for two simple walls, but we’ve both learned from previous projects that it’s better to pause and take sanity checks. That extra time on the front end makes up for itself manifold in both time and materials saved fixing mistakes later.

Today that meant a rush trip to pick up a bag of rockwool to get a hands on sense of its compression and friction fit before finalizing the placement of a few studs to make sure we’re getting the best material yield and the best performance out of the insulation.

It also meant standing the walls up in place for a real world check on window heights. I’m happy to say that our final decision on heights did actually land where I’d drawn them, but since we’re designing our own house and not working off pre-existing plans, I wanted to be sure. To be honest, I’d have done the same with off the shelf plans as well, as we’re working in such a different scale space than we normally inhabit. In here, a window an inch too high or too low would be much more noticeable and have a greater effect on the intimacy of the space. And it helped to get a sanity check on the ceiling height and scale of the window as well – I’d been a little worried about the low end of the house feeling too cozy, but I think it will actually end up feeling quite spacious.

x Liz

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