Timelapse: framing the floor

Today was our first day truly building, after plenty of site prep, staging, and the nail-biting experience of backing the trailer up our narrow city driveway.

I spent the morning staging our massive haul of reclaimed lumber, which will become the majority of the framing for the house. Brian leveled the trailer and lined the pan with rigid foam. (See our previous post for why we chose to sandwich foam below the floor joists to prevent thermal bridging in the floor.)

Next up was framing the floor itself and then bolting the whole assembly to the trailer with 5/8” bolts. Another win for the Iron Eagle tiny house trailer – their standard pre-drilled holes made that process so much easier than it would have been otherwise. My only complaint is the 5/8” spec – we’re both skeptical that 1/2” wouldn’t have been fine, and 1/2” fasteners and drill bits would have been much easier and cheaper to source. All in all though, a productive first day.

x Liz

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