Electrical rough-in

Got the electrical rough-in mostly complete today. This tiny house build has been an exercise in learning to stop and refocus.

I had roughed in the boxes on the north and east walls of the trailer a few days ago, then paused electrical work to help Brian prep for the shower install. After many discussions about the best strategy to run our circuits from one side of the trailer to the other while compromising the rafters the least and minimizing holes in our studs, it seemed like the logical next step was to keep electrical on hold and get the shower in and bath walls framed so we could wire that wall at the same time. So that was the plan for today until we realized that framing in the bathroom would make drilling half the holes I needed in the rafters – holes that were already going to be difficult to drill – nearly impossible.

So we cancelled the framing plan and it was back to electrical, which, today, felt like a lot more drilling than actually pulling wire. Small drill with a spade bit for the tight spaces, larger drill with an auger to chew through studs (Which I SWORE I didn’t need. I am now a convert.) and the hole hawg for the occasional awkward bay.

Despite a long diversion trying to convince two long runs of 12/2 to cooperate, we managed to get almost everything run and stapled. There are just a few boxes left to pick up after the bathroom framing is in.

x Liz

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