Installing the ice & water shield

I’m convinced that YouTube is the best thing to ever happen to makers. We watch at least 5 videos a day on how to do this or that and it’s all free. It’s not always the best advice but if you surf enough you can usually figure out who is or isn’t legit. As professional content creators ourselves we have huge respect for the amount of time and work that goes into making these videos that most people take for granted. Hit those like and subscribe buttons!

This morning we stuck down the high temp ice and water shield underlayment for our metal roofing. We pre-cut and rolled all the pieces using a clever system where we marked the length uphill from one of the plywood seams. Then we just rolled the roll out from that mark to just past the 1/8 expansion gap in the plywood and plunged the utility knife in and sliced right down the gap. Quick, clean, and easy.

Once we had all the pieces pre-cut and pre rolled, we swept the roof deck and started sticking. The ice and water shield has a split backing which greatly eases installation, you align and peel one half, stick down, then do the other. It takes practice but we got better quickly.

On the last two rows we tried the alternate method of peeling while we rolled it out which worked way better than rolling out then peeling! Now we know for next time.

– Brian

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