Timelapse: Sheathing the roof

Finished installing any nailing needed before the roof went on, and then installed the roof sheathing.

Our roof is 105”, and rather than deal with added blocking and standard 4×8 plywood, we opted for oversized sheets to tie the structure together. The 4×9 CDX available from local lumberyard is only 4ply, so this meant 4×10 sheets of 5ply. (Brian talks a bit more about this in yesterday’s post.) Not a huge difference in cost, but a bit trickier to send up the ladder to Brian.

With the roof on we were able to finally get a feel for the light balance inside the space. Tiny houses are so often riddled with windows, and our goal here was to use smartly placed larger openings to maximize light but minimize thermal bridging in the walls. It’s not a true comparison- the windows themselves will reduce the light coming in from the rough openings, while the finished walls will reflect light better – but looking at the space I’m happy with the decisions we made.

x Liz

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