Timelapse: installing the water line and insulating the floor

Got the water line in and most of the floor insulated and covered, leaving the last two joist bays open to complete the plumbing for bath and kitchen.

I’ve been tracking build days and hours, but the reality is that so much more goes into a build than actual building. We’ve been working on this every day this week, but only logged a day and a half of build time.

The unaccounted time is all planning and preparation. This is our first tiny house and our own design, and while we both have building experience and Brian has extensive experience with small spaces, a tiny house presents some unique challenges and a lot of head scratching. Especially a fully plumbed tiny house on a trailer. It’s not just planning water and waste lines, it’s doing so in exceptionally small spaces with very little margin for error and no access once the subfloor is in place – our trailer has a solid pan below.

That’s meant careful planning and re-planning, moving things around to accommodate an access panel under the kitchen cabinets, and sourcing all our fixtures and making sure we have them on hand for real world measurements.

So the reality is that most of our time this past week has been planning, drawing, sourcing and driving. If we were working off finished plans and a materials list, we’d be spared much of that, but this is how we roll. And honestly, we both like the puzzle, and we’ll have plans and materials lists for whoever tackles the next one of these.

x Liz

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