Plumbing and insulating under the floor

Lots of progress today. Got the main water line in, sink drain, insulation and subfloor for all but the bathroom.

We’re plumbing 1/2” pex for everything because I feel like anything bigger is overkill for a tiny house. The pex is supported the same as a normal house but the holes are smaller. A triple wrap of 10mil pipe tape at each hole protects it from sharp edges.

This is our first time working with rockwool insulation and we absolutely love it. I’ve put both denim and fiberglass in previous houses and this is much easier to cut and fit.

We ran 3/4 inch CDX plywood sheets across the trailer as our subfloor. You’re supposed to run it longitudinally (across the joists) to take advantage of the fiber orientations in the plywood but we were trying to save a bit of blocking and also it’s just much easier to set the plywood this way. Initially it seemed really stiff, but after doing a couple sheets we both agreed that it flexed just a little more than we liked (measured around 1/360 with a 140lb point load) and decided to run a line of blocking down the rest of the trailer in the middle for more support.

It’s really not an issue because we are going to be putting hardwood floors in which will help with the deflection, but if you were putting in a thinner floor you’d definitely want to do it the right way and block down the middle and run the sheets longitudinally across the joists!

– Brian

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