The rules do apply

I’m captioning this first photo: “Oh wait, the rules do actually apply to me.”

Less than a day after explaining to Liz that you never want to put two directional fittings on the opposite ends of the same pipe (because you’re in trouble if you can’t finish that last turn) I tried to do exactly that, and that’s exactly what happened.

Most of our tiny house plumbing will be pex but I like to use brass for the inlet and fasten it directly to the house frame so I’m sure that this critical connection can take plenty of twisting and wrenching over the years.

For any pipe threaded connection I use brass because the threads on modern galvanized pipe have gotten so bad that even brutal wrenching still sometimes leaves seeping connections which are a huge hassle to deal with after the fact. Brass goes together much nicer and the extra cost is money well spent.

The fitting fiasco was me just trying to use up this nice brass T, and having an alternate horizontal tie in point as a bonus. Of course I did what you always do in these scenarios: got greedy and went for that one extra turn, but couldn’t quite make it.

A bunch of cursing, a mangled T, and a half hour later and the couple that should have been there all along was installed. Then we veered off to deal with a non-tiny house projects for the day. With any luck tomorrow we will actually plumb the house!

– Brian

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