Another supply run day

Started the day with high hopes of burning through the tiny house plumbing but quickly backed off realizing that I was unwilling to put anything in the soon-to-be-inaccessible floor cavity without having every single fixture in front of me so I can take real measurements.

So it was off to the Rebuilding Center (our happy place) where we managed to find a pretty nice little toilet and a door for the bathroom as well (the glass will be frosted). Then with the interesting salvage part of the day done it was just an endless slog through traffic to plumbing, lumber, and other various building supply stores.

Driving around and buying things is the least fun part and most time consuming part of any build especially when you’re starting from scratch like we are.

We are keeping a meticulous materials lists to share with people who might want to follow in our footsteps and build this house.

My dream with all of this is just to have a super well-made plan set with literally every single thing you need, how much it costs, how much it weighs, and where to buy it. With that kind of preparation you start by order everything in advance and after picking up your trailer drive directly to all of the building supply stores and pick up all of the materials and then stage them at the building site. Doing it this way would literally save months of build time which I feel like would be a huge savings to people. After all, what is three months of your time worth?

– Brian

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