Planning the plumbing

We’re rapidly reaching the point where nothing more can be done on the interior or exterior before we wire and plumb the house. We started the day by protecting the new French doors and fitting some important structural blocking in the walls before turning our attention to the plumbing plan.

Unlike a normal house where you can figure out the plumbing after the framing is complete, there are sequencing issues in a tiny house that necessitate a careful approach. The drains in the floor need to be perfectly dead-on because there is no underfloor access.

I’m naturally prone to errors so when planning things like this I like to use what I like to call: “the dumb guy way”. In this case that means is using colored tape to physically mark the pipe runs and calling out each fitting while Liz draws a diagram. This approach helps visualize the project before we start and saves trips to the store.

Next we headed to the basement to dig through all the leftover pipe and fittings from the whole-house repipe we did on the big house a couple years ago. The tiny house is comically simple by comparison.

It’s ironic that with all the hole saws and chuck styles I’ve accumulated over the years, I still can’t find the one I’m looking for!

– Brian

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