A visit to Green Anchors

On our trip down to Green Anchors yesterday we spotted this gorgeous modern-styled tiny house under construction by @mcmustache. With its balanced proportions and always classy black-on-cedar ultra clean lines, it shares a lot with the look we are after for our own tiny house build. Brian, the builder, happened to be on site and shared a ton of helpful details including his disaster with Penofin Green which bloomed millions of little mold spots just weeks after application. After striping the ENTIRE HOUSE he reapplied a local product called Timber Pro. I’ve used this product as well and can attest to its long term outdoor durability, but I forgot about it, so thanks for the reminder Brian!

Brian is building on a 100” wide Iron Eagle tiny house trailer just like we are, with 2×4 walls and rock wool insulation. He has also opted for a single story floorplan, which is our preferred mode of tiny living as well.

It was super helpful to check out the details of his build and get a visual sanity check on some of our ideas. Brian and his wife are completing this house soon and looking for a place to park and live in it. Brian is a professional illustrator and although I only spent a bit of time with him but he seemed like a solid, mellow guy, and his gorgeous trailer would certainly make a beautiful addition to any tiny living scene. You can find Brian through his Instagram here.

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