Trailer day!

We picked up our new Iron Eagle tiny house trailer today. Originally a collaboration between tiny house pioneer Dee Williams and the owner Rob, these tiny house specific trailers have evolved over the years to become the literal foundation of west coast tiny house building.

With fender flashing, custom widths, leveling jacks, a perimeter flange with predrilled holes, and a recessed galvanized floor pan, these incredibly well built trailers take the headache out of all the common modifications that would normally be needed just to get to the starting line of a tiny house build.

We ordered a 20’ trailer 100” wide with 7000 lbs axles. The 7000lb axles are overkill for a single story 20’ tiny house, but $400 extra to not have to worry is worth the peace of mind. Overall our trailer cost $5000.

The owner told us that Iron Eagle does about a third of their business in tiny house trailers these days and we were pretty blown away by how nice and easy to work with they were. Our trailer was ready 10 days after ordering.

The owner Rob spent a half hour walking us through the whole trailer showing us how everything worked. Overall just a really positive start to our build. We would absolutely recommend Iron Eagle to anyone looking for a tiny house trailer. With how much work and money goes into a build, going cheap or used just doesn’t make sense. Find them at @ironeagletrailers.

– Brian

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