Some photos of the interior

Today we took some time to document our almost-finished tiny house interior before we officially move in. Like everything I build I’m sure there’s going to be major revisions and changes being made once we interact with the space for a few weeks, but for right now it’s nice to pause and enjoy the space.

If you’re new here our house is 20’ long, 8.5’ tall and 12’ high on the exterior. If not for the constraints of our current location we would have gone 22’ long, 8’ wide, and 12.5’ high. The house is built on an Iron Eagle tiny house trailer.

The floor is big leaf maple from Zena Forest Products coated with one coat of Rubio Monocoat White 5% purchased from Greenpointe Wood Floor Supplies and a second coat of their Universal Maintenance Oil.

The counters and shelves are hard maple purchased from Building Material Resources, laminated at Creative Woodworking NW and coated with Rubio Monocoat Pure that we bought from Sustainable Northwest Wood.

The beam overhead is reclaimed Douglas fir purchased from Reclaim NW.

We bought the reclaimed stainless steel sink and the Toto 1.6 gallon flush toilet at the Rebuilding Center.

The wood stove is a Dwarf 4K from Tiny Woodstove.

The walls are 1/2 inch sheetrock painted with Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint in an eggshell sheen. The color is White Dove.

The bed is a full size Tarva from Ikea with Malm rolling drawers beneath and a Feathered Friends Bavarian Arctic 700 Down Comforter.

Doors and windows are Marvin Integrity wood/fiberglass (now called Elevate, I think).

Hardware courtesy of many, many trips to Winks Hardware.

-Brian and Liz

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