Installing kitchen shelving

There’s an ancient paradox that states that it’s impossible to arrive anywhere because at any point on the journey the remaining distance can always be divided in half. Similarly, there’s a principal in map making that the length of any shoreline increases infinitely with the level of magnification, due to the need to trace around ever smaller objects. This is sort of how I feel about building a house: no matter how much you work you do, there’s always another task to be done.

Today we worked on finishing the kitchen shelves. We used 6/4 poplar (measuring 1 1/4” true) finished with White 5% Rubio Monocoat to give the shelves a muted feel that almost looks like bare poplar.

The little kitchen shelves are supported by solid steel rod drilled into the wall and the north and south wall shelves are supported by simple waxed steel brackets that we bought from Cascade Iron Co. These brackets have a nice industrial feel that is more in line with our aesthetic than anything else we’ve seen. The ones on the upper south wall are perfect for that shelf, but after installing the north wall brackets today we both decided that we are probably going to change it a different arrangement.

The important thing is that the counters are finally free of clutter, which is good because in about 30 minutes I’m going to disassemble the north wall countertops and cabinets and begin our second major kitchen remodel…. More later.


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