Timelapse: Kitchen remodel #3

Actually Tiny house kitchen remodel number 3 incorporates a built in open broom closet which breaks up the hard plane of the bathroom wall and adds an extra little storage shelf up top as well as a perfect spot for plants. I was starting to feel like maybe I need professional help for obsessing as much as I do but now that I see it all in place I’m so glad we went for it. With this last change we finally have all the storage we need without losing the wide open feel of the interior. The whole space feels different, better, dare I say complete?

I’m totally in love with the new Makita cordless track saw. In the short time I’ve owned it I’ve used it 10 times as much as I thought I would. The other day we installed a door in the big house in a finished frame that was out of square and couldn’t be changed. Every edge was a custom cut with the saw and installed it looks dead square. Yesterday I used it to cut inch and a half hard maple slabs for glue ups, and today I used to break down plywood, cut the corner out of a cabinet to fit over the wheel well, and also to cut the line that I scribed off the slightly out of plumb wall for the face of the built-in broom closet. It’s still slightly gutless compared to a Milwaukee tool, but it’s half the cost of the festool and seems reasonably well built.


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