Bedside table rebuild

Second time’s a charm for the Actually Tiny bedside table. I started out with a lift top coffee table on casters that was intended for storage, eating, seating, and desk. The reality was we never sat on it, the casters dented the floor, and I never really used it as a desk either.

It’s replacement is a fairly ordinary bedside table that I actually do use as a desk, storage, and breakfast/coffee area. The three IKEA kuggis bins give us a quick place to toss keys and phone chargers and all the other little things that you don’t want cluttering up your tiny house.

I built the tabletop with the last remaining chunks of our hard maple countertops. The legs are 1 inch black pipe screwed into pipe flanges. (to do it again I would’ve stuck with 3/4 like I did for the rest of the furniture) They are drilled at the height for each shelf, and then I push 7/16 allthread through the holes and through a piece of half-inch pipe to act as a spacer and shelf support. I used square nuts on the ends of the allthread and used a dab of gun blue to darken the ends. The shelves are made from scraps of 3/4 Russian birch plywood finished with Rubio Monocoat.

It’s a pretty simple way to make a table but there are a couple of important details that can trip you up if you don’t know to watch out for them. We put up a how-to video on our Actually Tiny YouTube channel showing on all the steps.


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