Photos: kitchen update #3

New kitchen means new glamour shots! We added a broom closet and decided to double down on the black pipe details with a pipe and rod over counter shelf. (We just posted a video for how to build these on our YouTube channel by the way).

We are incredibly happy with how the space has come together both in terms of aesthetics, energy efficiency, and livability. Despite only being 7 1/2‘ wide x 19‘ long inside and single story, it feels much bigger, and even with two of us living, and often working full-time in the space, it doesn’t feel crowded.

Of course there are a zillion little things that I plan to change before we produce a plan set but overall we’re pretty stoked. As soon as we can get some reliably sunny days I’ll try to get a walk-through video made to show off a bunch of the cool features of the Actually Tiny house.


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