Building a woodshed out of scrap

We’ve spent these last few precious sunny days cleaning up the seemingly endless bits of debris from the build and repurposing as much of it as possible into a tiny firewood shed. This time it was me on the saw and Liz doing the assembly.

I do my best not to save leftover construction materials if I can help it. Time has taught me that all those bits of flashing and roofing and screws and brackets and pieces of siding are more burden than blessing. Of course you do end up using some of it at some point but it always seems to accumulate just a little bit faster.

Today we used up the last of the metal siding and metal screws, the last of the wood siding and almost all the screws for it, a bunch of manky 2 x 4’s that they probably wouldn’t have even accepted at the Rebuilding center, and nearly all the remaining bits of plywood.

A woodshed is convenient project because any wood that you don’t use building it you can always cut up and fill it with.

I don’t know how it is for other people but personally I have a hard time thinking amidst too much clutter. I get frustrated and agitated more easily. Conversely there’s few things sweeter than a sparse, well appointed structure or landscape. We aren’t there yet but we’re getting closer every day.


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