A visit to Green Anchors

Checking out tiny houses under construction is hugely helpful in planning a build. Green Anchors, a remediated WWII shipyard that now rents space to a variety of artists and builders is a veritable hotbed of tiny house activity and while not officially a place to tour, if you keep a low profile and are respectful of people’s time it can be a good place to pick up valuable information.

With its rusty DIY vibe, the scene here is a mix of talented individuals making good progress, and other less fortunate projects, some of them all but halted and being slowly dissolved by the elements. All of it adds character and speaks to something in my heart.

With our trailer delivery less than 3 days away, our mission today was to put eyes on as many tiny houses as possible, taking careful note of details we are unsure about or are still deciding on. With 9 tiny houses in the yard and 4 active builds we saw and learned a lot. Like everything here the tiny houses ranged from the well-executed to the ill-conceived, all of them with something unique to offer. We were lucky enough to catch the builder of the last house in these photos who shared some important details. This house landed closer to the look we are seeking than anything we’ve seen in person yet, and deserves more elaboration so I’ll be writing a separate post on it tomorrow.

Overall a rainy afternoon well-spent.

– Brian

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