Timelapse: Installing the shower and framing the bathroom

See the last few post for details on installing the shower and framing the bathroom wall. We are using three-quarter inch Baltic Birch plywood, angle iron, and a full dimension reclaimed Douglas fir 2×4 header to maximize headroom. It seems to be a pretty sturdy arrangement.

That old Doug Fir board was covered with ancient newspaper bits that hid a bunch of embedded nails that killed a table saw blade. It’s a great stick so I’m fine with the sacrifice.

The door for the bathroom is a very old swinging door that we bought at the Rebuilding Center and cut down to use as a pocket door. It needs to be stripped and repainted but other than some additional minor surgery it’s as strong as the day it was built. I should probably also mention that we are going to put privacy film on the glass! Letting light from the house into the bathroom and light from the bathroom into the house helps keep both spaces feeling light and spacious.

– Brian

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