Timelapse: Wiring the electrical panel

Electrical panel wire-in. When doing electrical work you should imagine yourself as someone at some distant point in the future who has no prior knowledge of the house. When you open the panel is it crystal clear where every circuit goes? Is the work clean with enough extra wire to make modifications? Are any deviations from standard electrical code clearly marked? Remember that if you do your own wiring the safety of everyone who will EVER use your tiny house is in your hands.

Of course the first priority is just to get the wiring right but working cleanly is about more than aesthetics, it makes the box easier to understand for future electricians, which decreases the chance of making a mistake.

When it comes to laying wire in a subpanel sequencing is everything. If you just start pulling wire and connecting it you’re going to end up with a messy box pretty quickly.

The first thing I do is take the time to really think about where each circuit is going to go and planning how it’s all going to go together. I have a lot to say on the subject so keep an eye out for our upcoming tiny house electric video on the Actually Tiny YouTube Channel where we walk you through every aspect of our tiny house electrical system.

– Brian

NOTE: We changed how our box was wired when we decided to switch to 50amp service, see our other electrical posts for more details.

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