Installing the cedar shiplap siding, part 2

We did more work on the siding today and started getting into a groove with the whole process. We managed to get the lower 2/3 of the front face done, where soon we will switch the siding to a vertical orientation.

On the east wall we left a space and installed a flashing where the tongue box will be. Liz used her formidable demolition skills to rapidly but somehow also very carefully remove the rain screen in that area and cut a perfect slit in the Tyvek that we slid the flashing up into.

Although time-consuming, piloting and screwing the shiplap makes for a very clean install that can be easily disassembled as well, a feature we have taken advantage of more than once when a board didn’t look right or wasn’t cut right or got damaged.

Perhaps I’m just a simple minded but I really like setting the shiplap gap with actual nickles. Today I realized that the occasional strategically placed penny can be really helpful when things get a little out of level.

– Brian

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  1. Dion Bonnell
    June 17, 2019

    Gorgeous as always, you should find a reason to glue those nickels and leave them there!


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