Prepping for the deck

Last week we made the decision to stop work on the tiny house for a couple weeks and build the deck instead. This gives us a some breathing room to finalize various interior decisions and completes a task that would probably be a lot less fun in the blazing heat of August.

I did the beam layout and set the joist hangers while Liz worked tirelessly locating and leveling the spots for the pier pads. These 18 inch round pier pads are about twice the weight of the smaller square blocks, I feel like they are a good compromise between the normal square blocks and an actual poured footing and should be more than sufficient for a tiny, tiny house deck.

Simultaneously arriving at the conclusion that our building site had become too cluttered to do anything we had a cleaning freak out towards the end of the day which didn’t exactly solve the problem but it did make it look a lot nicer.

Long day, lots of work, more tomorrow…

– Brian

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