Timelapse: Building the deck

The first phase of the tiny deck is complete!

It always feels kinda weird to me building a plain ol’ pier block, pressure-treated and outdoor wood deck. As an environmentally-conscious person a standard deck feels like a superfluous pile of poison, although that might be an outdated prejudice ever since PT lumber switched from arsenic to copper-based preservatives. As far as the wood being used I guess it makes more sense to use immature fast-growing treated wood as a walking surface than something precious like red cedar.

Maybe it’s just that a pile of Simpson hangers feels too easy. Part of me wanted to timber frame this out of the beautiful juniper lumber that is being cut in eastern Oregon to rehabilitate desert habitat, but there are so many places where we are going overboard with the craftsmanship and locally sourced material that we really just needed to get it done. Tomorrow we start on the frame for the awning!

– Brian

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