Hanging the porch roof shade

We got the porch roof up today! Like I said yesterday I love assembly, which is unfortunately only about 15% of building anything. The rest of the time is spent thinking, prepping, and driving to get stuff.

It’s nice to see it all come together the way we planned, which is what you hope for but you never really know until you’re looking at it. The giant horse chestnut tree came to our rescue once again by acting as an overhead crane. We used the same high attachment point and a 5-to-1 pulley that we used to raise the walls to raise the porch roof, with a little help from a neighbor towards the end.

It’s going to be really nice to have the shade for the rest of the build although putting something like this up at this stage is not without its risks – namely the very real possibility that we will just spend the entire summer sitting on the porch instead of working!

See yesterday’s post for construction details and I will post the time lapse tomorrow. Right now it’s time to go chill on the porch….

– Brian

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