Building the sink table and sourcing a bathroom door

Jammin on so many things at once right now. We started the day helping out with a double tiny house move which I’ll have to talk about in a separate post. Next I worked on finishing up the farmhouse style sink table I’ve been working on while Liz continued painting the assortment of cabinets and furniture we’ve been building for the last week.

On a table like this I like to support the shelves by running a length of 7/16” allthread through the middle of a piece of 1/2” schedule 40 salvaged steel pipe and then finishing the ends off with custom nuts and washers. I was able to find some cool square nuts but only in zinc so I dipped them in Gun Blue to turn them dark. I make the washers out of 1 1/4” steel bar which sounds like a lot of effort but it’s actually pretty quick and creates a handmade industrial look we both like.

Next with the help of a friend we placed the water heater, which literally couldn’t be a tighter fit but still dropped into place perfectly.

After that it was a mad dash to all of our favorite salvage places to try to find a pocket door for the bathroom. After a false start this summer with a door that ended up warping we’ve been procrastinating on this decision but with that pocket door wall being closed up tomorrow this is literally the last possible moment to get one. Thankfully we found what we were looking for at the ReStore. Interestingly a 30 x 80 door will fit inside of a Honda Fit. Then it was straight into the tiny house for measuring, cutting, mounting the hardware and moving it into the painting cycle with everything else.

With any luck by the end of tomorrow all of this stuff will be in the tiny house and I can have my boat building space back!

– Brian

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