Timelapse: adding privacy film to the bathroom door

To let light from the bathroom window into the living space and to let light from the living space into the bathroom we decided to re-purpose an old French door as the pocket door for our bathroom. A clear bathroom door, however, is a bit more revealing than one generally prefers, so we added a layer of privacy film.

Were I to take the lead on such an operation the result would almost certainly be a disaster of bubbles and creases, so I stood by ready to take orders while Liz orchestrated.

It turns out my fear of window films is well-founded. We were both very grateful for a fantastic instructional video from TAP Plastics which showed us how to do this the right way.

The window film goes on by spraying the film and the window liberally with a baby shampoo solution, squeegeeing out the bubbles, then carefully cutting the perimeter with a guide leaving a 16th inch gap all the way around the edge, then squeegeeing again. We, and by we I mean Liz, did a pretty good job!

– Brian

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