Prepping the parts for the solar collector support

After abusing my debit card one final time at the plumbing supply store (copper, ouch), we started work on the frame that will support the solar collector that will supply our hot water when the sun is shining.

Similar to our porch roof, the panel will be supported by hinges that are fastened deep into the studs with structural screws on the house side, and on pier block supported posts on the garden side. This arrangement provides the necessary flexibility for the house to be able to move a bit without stressing the connection points. When the house is ready to move to a different location the entire panel can be removed and the post and pier blocks disassembled.

Once again I really appreciated the rain screen detail because it let me know that anywhere I saw a siding fastener I knew there was a stud directly beneath it.

This project finally gives us a way to repurpose the beautiful Douglas fir beams that we purchased three times over from Reclaim NW when we were trying to decide on the perfect dimension for our main roof support beam. A leftover beam from the Rebuilding Center made it into the mix as well. After resawing, planing, routing, sanding, and two coats of Timber Pro UV they are ready to be installed tomorrow.

Just before sunset we managed to get the pier blocks placed and leveled. After years of muscling these around in all sorts of back straining ways, we discovered today that it’s effortless to carry pier blocks by simply sliding a 2 x 2 under one side of the bracket.


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