Our squirrel neighbors

I know you’re not supposed to feed wildlife blah blah blah, but ever since I read that the majority of squirrels don’t make it past their first winter I’ve decided that goddammit, I can’t save all the squirrels but maybe I can save OUR squirrels.

These adorable little fluff balls burst forth from the giant horse chestnut tree we are parked underneath in batches of approximately half a dozen every spring where they proceed to win our hearts with acrobatics, antics, and surprisingly clever thievery (I’m talking to you chews-the-entire-head-off-the-giant-sunflower-and-drags-it-away-squirrel). (You too strawberry-thief-squirrel).

The fence behind the tiny house was already a major squirrel highway but with a perfectly placed window and a handful of sunflower seeds it makes an excellent viewing station as well, a much needed dose of joy dozens of times every day.

We had four squirrels in October and now I only see two, so yeah, we’re feeding the squirrels, and maybe we are unbalancing a delicate ecosystem, but whatever, I love these little scoundrels, and I don’t think I can emotionally handle thinking about a cold lifeless squirrel when one of them doesn’t show up some chilly morning. Viva fluffballs!


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