A Tiny Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving meal offers a great opportunity to test drive and talk about our new tiny house kitchen. How do tiny house kitchens perform? About like any other kitchen really which is either great, mediocre, or terrible depending on who designed them and who is using it for what purpose.

We cook the way we build and live: simple with high quality ingredients. It’s a single speed bicycle sort of life, which means that occasionally you can’t make it up a certain hill, but it also means your bicycle is 2 pounds lighter and half as expensive with almost no maintenance. In much the same way we didn’t have ten different dishes for Thanksgiving, we had five, which works just fine for us.

Based on my experiences from two decades of living tiny, I built out this tiny house kitchen as follows:

Our main farmhouse style counter consists of a full-size double basin sink with pull down faucet which has a dish rack permanently parked in the right side. To the right on the counter is the compost bowl and the tea kettle, to the left is a Cuisinart electric single burner although there is room for the double version if you need it. In front of the burner we have just the right amount of room for the cutting board, which is another reason we built a standard 25” deep counter.

Down below we bake and roast in a Breville Smart Oven which is my go to oven 95% of the time in any size house.

To the left of that is a Dwarf 4K woodstove that I cook on anytime we’re having a fire. This not only cooks beautifully but also provides a perfect place to set a hot pan or anything else if the stove isn’t hot.

Presently we just have a simple open counter on the opposite wall behind us but once we cook in here for a few more weeks we are going to design and build a cabinet that will incorporate our rice cooker, refrigerator, drawers, shelves and cubbies to perfectly match how WE use the space.

Overall the tiny house was a lovely place to spend Thanksgiving. Good food, easy clean up, crackling fire in the woodstove, sleepy kitty, and Star Wars movies on the laptop. Plenty to be thankful for.


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