Front wall framing, part 2

Today we framed the south wall right on top of the north wall, basically copying the common pieces, and measuring in place for the differences. The framing here is the same eclectic mix of reclaimed and new wood as the north wall, with various strengths of wood prioritized for where it’s needed in the wall.

Some people will be surprised to see that I haven’t used any jack studs or headers in the walls but when you stop to think about it, the roof loads above the openings are carried by the 2×6 rafters nailed longitudinally to the top plate. A good way to think of that is to imagine the rafter as a joist that is spanning a 5 foot distance, a job for which it is more than strong enough.

Omitting headers and jack studs reduces both weight and thermal bridging for a warmer wall.

Liz has been meticulously tracking the weight, lengths, measurements, and locations of each piece for the plans we’ll ultimately be drawing up. Overall a fun day, framing is such a satisfying part of any build. Looking forward to raising the walls in the morning!

– Brian

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