Timelapse: Framing the front wall

Two short days framing the front wall of the house. Work was interrupted a bit by weather and the inevitable trips to the lumber yard for things forgotten, things to be ordered, and things that need to be changed. I’ve learned to just roll that into my expectations for the build process as much as possible – you can plan and stage well and you’ll still find yourself at the store every other day. Or every day. Or twice a day.

Placed the order for the roofing and the metal siding pieces for the long walls. Also picked up the ice and water shield so that we have everything in hand to throw up the roof sheathing when we have a clear patch of weather. April is a tricky time to build outdoors, so I’ve got one eye on the forecast at all times. Changed our minds at the last minute and ordered some larger ply to fully capture the ends of the tall walls. All in all, it was a productive couple of days. Feels good to have the walls framed, and I look forward to raising them over the weekend ahead!

x Liz

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