Raising the walls

Thanks to the huge horse chestnut tree in the neighbor’s backyard I was able to raise the back wall alone using a pulley system and some long neglected rigging skills.

I used 5 inch structural screws to pin climbing bolt hangers to the wall and rigged a 5/1 pulley onto a bridle backed up with prussik cords so nothing could shift. I tied 6mm nylon cord to the base of the wall to keep it from kicking out, an important safety consideration for any wall. A mechanical ascender allowed to rope to slide one way only so if I lost my grip it couldn’t come crashing down.

With the wall almost up Liz put a heavy bead of silicone on the trailer flange and we set it down, drilling through predrilled holes in the trailer flange and bolting with 5/8 bolts.

A few minor mistakes but overall a safe, successful wall raising. It was fun to use my old climbing gear and rigging skills.

– Brian

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