Sheathing the front wall

Sheathed the south wall in place today. Definitely harder than sheeting on the flat. Moving a little slower than I’d like but it’s all getting done.

We leveled our trailer but have never bothered to make use of it. That’s the nice thing about sheeting (most of) your walls flat, unless you’ve made a grievous error, when you raise them they have to be square.

Iron Eagle tiny house trailers are awesome because they incorporate a steel flange into the wheel well, making a common leak spot easy to waterproof. Some people sheet inside the flange and lap it with housewrap, we are sheeting over it (not necessarily better!) Rather than let the plywood bulge over flange I took the time to relieve the backside using a trim router. Not my cleanest work, but decent.

We continue to be blown away by this gorgeous tree. It started raining late in the day and we didn’t even notice since our whole work area was sheltered under its canopy.

– Brian

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