Timelapse: Raising the walls #2

Sheeted and raised the end walls using the same pulley system we used to raise the back wall. It’s weird seeing the window spacing because we’re still standing on the trailer pan – so about 7 inches lower than the finished floor will be. It messes with your head a bit, but I trust that we got placed them the right height on the wall.

Sheeting the front wall flat would have required flipping the framing, and with size of it plus the door and large window opening that would have been difficult and put unnecessary stress on the frame, potentially pulling it out of square. So we raised the frame and will sheet in place tomorrow.

It’s cool to see it all taking shape, and how all the geometries work in real life. The house fits the space in the yard amazingly well – I was worried it would overpower the rest of the yard, but it nestles back so nicely under the tree that you can’t even see it from much of the main house.

x Liz

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  1. Allyson Calhoun
    May 15, 2020

    Hi, I’m about to start my build and you two are my favorites. I’ll be relying on your videos a ton. I have a question on not noticing the XPS foam in place under your walls?
    Allyson Calhoun


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