Raising the walls, part 2

Raised the other 3 walls today. A few minor hiccups but overall things went really well. Framing is always such a gratifying part of the building process due to the rapid progress and big dramatic results.

The 5/1 pulley system I set up works awesomely and allowed the two of us to raise the walls without outside help. Pulley systems need to be treated with respect because with the increased mechanical advantage it’s not intuitively apparent how much force you’re applying and this creates a potentially dangerous situation. In addition to the main rope we also had another rope to hold the wall back and “kicking straps” at the base to prevent losing the wall off the edge of the trailer.

We’re both grateful for the massive horse chestnut tree with its prodigious shade canopy. It gave us a perfect anchor point up high and it’s just a beautiful place to build. It reminds us of the giant tree in the Hayao Miyazaki movie, My Neighbor Totoro.

– Brian.

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