Finishing up the roof framing

We were hoping to put the plywood on the roof today but our punch list of things to do before that step just kept growing.

Something I’ve been avoiding is putting up Sheetrock nailing strips on the inside of the rake wall top plates. I just couldn’t commit to buying lumber for something so trivial but we also didn’t have exactly the right scrap wood sitting around. This arrived a couple days ago in the form of the crating boards that our metal roof arrived in.

This wet fungus-covered mixed fir and hemlock didn’t look like much but after pulling the nails and running it through the planer it was actually way nicer than we thought and completely free as well! Another salvage score and we didn’t even need to go looking.

Liz nailed it up while I focused on measuring and double checking size, straight, and square of the roof. This is my first eave-less building so we don’t have the overhang to absorb the normal discrepancies of house framing. Everything has to line up just perfect.

The last piece of the puzzle before the roof can go on is a clear, 9 foot long full dimension 2 x 3 that I’m going to sister to one of the 2 x 6 joists to make it strong enough to hang a chair just inside the doorway. This is another piece of wood that it seems like I should have in my many piles of salvage lumber but didn’t So it was off to the Rebuilding Center at the end of the day to hunt for the perfect board. The Rebuilding Center can be pretty hit and miss but today I walked in and exactly what I needed was just staring me straight in the face for five bucks. Really just a beautiful stick of old fir, I can’t wait to mill it in the morning, I’ll make sure to take pictures before it gets hidden inside the roof.

– Brian

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